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Культивирование социальной ответственности в компании Interactive Soft.

Education and popularization of science

Conducting courses and lectures at universities and other companies about mathematics, physics and software development. The information is structured and presented in such a way as to stimulate listeners' interest in science. We show our listeners that science can be exciting, beneficial, and relevant. Moreover, it shows where this knowledge can be practically applied. You can explore the schedule of some events here.

We have our own scientific blog and our own Youtube channel. There are published lectures and examples of using this knowledge in our projects.

Environmental protection

The culture of separate waste collection is very important. Of course, careful treatment of resource and separate waste collection are essential part of our corporate culture.

We are supporting volunteers in forest cleaning. Once a year, cleaning in the forest is organized. We consider and support related initiatives.

The company is funding a squirrel rescue project. Especially in spring, newborn squirrels fall out of their nests (this is called squirrel fall), and in some cases, the squirrel leaves them. Volunteers collect the squirrels, transfer them to the centre, where they are healed and fostered. Squirrels grow up in the nursery. And then they are returned to nature.

Talents support

Talented youth support in a variety of positive and useful endeavours. Such undertakings should not harm anyone, and bring beauty to the world (not necessarily financial profit). Decisions are made at our discretion.

Peace support

We wish world peace. We do not work in countries or with companies that follow aggressive, anti-human and terrorizing policy. In addition to our local laws, the US and EU sanctions lists are obeyed. Also, these lists can be supplemented at our discretion.