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Comprehensive education support

We strongly encourage continuous growth. Everyone chooses what to do: attend courses, learn new foreign words every day, get involved in creativity, etc. We are confident that by supporting our growth, we will receive many times more in return.

Our employees are actively involved in the company's program to popularize science. We prepare presentations ourselves, make films. This is an important component in our self-education.

We read a lot. At teambuildings and weekly meetings we share reading plans and impressions of what we read. We are collect an electronic library where you can find professional and useful literature.

Reduced working hours

Studies prove the possibility of increasing labor productivity by reducing the length of the working day. A full-fledged active vacation, a rich personal life, favorite hobbies increase motivation, self-esteem and positively affect a person. Of course, this is a mutual work. On the part of the company, the internal atmosphere and business processes should contribute to a more focused and motivated work. On the part of the employee, it is important to understand the responsibility and value of our approach, the ability to organize work and leisure.

Also, if the employee has the capabilities and desires, we practice remote work from home. So far, this can be done once a week, on a convenient day. It is possible to agree on a certain period of remote work for trips on personal matters.

Corporate parties and events

All our corporate parties are non-alcoholic. This allows them to be vibrant and truly diverse. Nature, hiking, quests, a restaurant, tours to Europe, theater, cinema, exhibitions, master classes in the office are far from a complete list of how you can have a great time.

Sport and Healthy lifestyle support

We compensate for the cost of sports, so that employees are always in good shape. We also provide subscriptions to massage and healthy food festivals. The office always has fresh fruits, clear water and delicious tea.

Everyone of us don't smoke and drink alcohol.

Support for personal goals and startups

The company is interested in the development and satisfaction of employees. Achieving personal goals, or starting your own business is the strongest motivation. The company is encouraged and ready to help in this. We share our successes to motivate each other.

Modern technologies stack

We strive for perfectionism in everything. Including, use advanced technology. And we are open to any, the boldest ideas of our employees.