Our team is a core of our business. We are true professionals that are highly motivated and crazy on the ideas that we produce. We consistently develop ourselves both professionally and morally. We improve the business of our clients.

Our Team


Founder, CEO, CTO

More than 20 years in IT. With a wild passionateness love mathematics, programming, other sciences, sports, life. I’m a follower of healthy way of life. Value the logic in everything, exact calculation, common sense. I’m a convinced humanist and atheist.

“I have an irresistible willingness to establish a top-company, to gather a team of my dream. I value the personality of every employee. Each employee of the company is an obsessive of the result professional, who is an example of motivation and creator of the best solutions.”


Sales and Marketing Director

More than 10 years of experience in management in IT companies. Love mathematics and other exact sciences. I’m a follower of healthy lifestyle, work on self-development.

“Realizing that the years go by fast, I’m in a hurry to do a lot of things. For reliability it’s necessary to choose carefully: with whom to work and how to work well together and show your abilities. And finally, to enjoy the result. Interactive Soft has the facilities for realization of all my goals, and a wild field for creativity. There is the impression of successful future.”


Business Analyst

I’m devoted to my family. I take a great interest in reading the scientific and technical literature as well as literature about business and self-development. The knowledges that I get from self-education allow me to use my theoretical skills in practice and also broaden my vision in general.

The work in the company makes me happy, as the company’s corporate policy supports the major values for me: my family, healthy way of life and development in recognition of the environment.


System Analyst

I am a 100% perfectionist. My vision of the world’s improvement is through the perfection of yourself. I love everything that broadens the limits of my perception of the world: travelling, arts, literature. I consider that my social duty is preservation of cultural and historical heritage of my country. I follow a healthy lifestyle and evince eco-activity.

My work in the company – gives me the best inspiration for self-perfection and the dream about the improvement of the world.


Back-end developer

I am keen on philosophy, follow a healthy lifestyle. I take a great interest in travelling and everything new and unusual.

My work in the company – is the main motivator for professional growth.


HR Lead

I have experience of work in cross-cultural surrounding and in the role of administrative staff in large companies. I take an interest in different cultures, learn foreign languages, love travelling, painting, and photography. I am a true follower of healthy lifestyle. My ideal - is harmony in everything.

It’s important for me to work in the company with high level of corporate culture, where the beauty in everything – in people, in produced product and in future that we create by our united efforts.



I am interested in scientific themes and discoveries. I busy myself with creative work, for example I can make a cat from anything. I like cycling and hiking, horseracing and so on. I prefer active way of life. First and last I can do a lot of things, and if I can’t do or don’t know anything I’m a quick learner.

The work in the company – it’s a place where I want to come, strive for achievement of common goals and constantly learn something new.


UI/UX Engineer

From the childhood I am fond of creativity in all its manifestations. I am a graduate of the Educational centre of High Tech Park. From the very beginning of my study I wrapped up in web-design and it’s impossible to stop me. I love travelling, and my job. Every minute of my life I try to spend with the profit for self-development and health.

My work in the company – is the main motivator for professional growth and harmony.


Front-end developer

I am fond of spending time with my family and friends. I love nature, dogs and jogging. I’m a double champion of the Belarussian republic run competition.

I will make everything possible that I can to do in order to produce a high-quality product. I love the company for close-minded people.


QA Engineer

I am keen on dancing, follow a healthy lifestyle. I like travelling, exploring new places, finding something new and interesting for myrself. I’m a convinced atheist and sceptic.

I love Interactive Soft for friendly atmosphere in the team.

Our outsourcing

Educational Centre of High Tech Park

Training of IT Specialists


AllianceSoft, LLC

Solutions for automation of logistics, warehouse account, sales.


Yuridicheskaya Kompaniya Ilyi Latisheva

Legal accompaniment of business.


Private enterprise «Tochniy Raschet»

Accounting services, maintenance of personnel and tax records.