Increase your business performance just in a month after system introduction.

Business process automation system Interactive BPM


The uniqueness of our system is in quick adaptation to any processes of your business due to our own visual development environment.


SaaS model requires only a monthly subscription fee for using our product. It reduces a significant part of company's expenses for payment of initial license fees and software, running servers and their maintenance, upgrades and their installation.


Cloud-based security, encrypted data transfer and backup copies in a reliable storage provide a high level of security.


Our system is able to withstand trouble-free processing over a million requests per second.


The easy making changes without involving developers is available due to multiple configuration modules.


The system is synchronized with a variety of accounting programs, company website, advertising offices, IP telephony and many other devices and software.


Human Resources Management

Interactive BPM allows you to lead staff effectively by using the access rights to the various system modules based on the company’s organizational structure. The system includes features such as remote filling the questionnaire by employee, loading personal documents, analysis of time tracking system, holidays and absence, staff attendance, setting goals and monitoring their implementation, alert system, availability of document templates and much more. Using the pulse-survey, you will be able to obtain and analyse your staffs feedback and objective information about their involvement regularly. The system supports work with external agents that allows you to assign them tasks and receive reports on their activities together with staff members.

Customer Relationship Management

Interactive BPM allows you to carry out deep analysis of potential clients and build up effective relationships with your buyers from “leads” to the sales process: distribution of applications between the managers, data collection and clarification, customer’s segmentation based on their value to the company (ABC-analysis), personalization of offering services and further client support. Due to easy integration with websites, the system helps you to create necessary forms, specifying the required fields. All the data is automatically stored in the CRM system, as soon as the visitor fills the form.